Daily Archives: May 17, 2011

The pram, the golden China girl and the holiday.


I was outside the South Bank centre in London. From a distance I saw two former pupils. Jezebel  Fergis and Keira Connolly. I ran to them. They were surprised to see me and happily let me kiss their cheeks. They are both in their 20s now. Keira pushed a pram with a baby in it. I asked her who the father of the infant was and she told me with an only faintly embarrassed smile that she knew not. I was surprised. I thought it was a very difficult situation for her to be a lone mother so young but she seemed very happy. They were both in school uniform and the day was cloudy.

Later I was on hols in China. I walked around some ancient almost ruined city. The place was almost bustling and beggars sat around but did not call out much. I was with my parents. I saw elephants troop by and thought little of it. I saw some chubby Chinese girls dance past in single file – going the opposite direction through a crumbling brown stone archway. They were painted gold – skin and hair. They had long hair down their backs. They were all but nude  wearing only thongs, topless. I realise they resembled and agreeable young Chinawoman I met back in October. I was thinking of her last night. This Chinese girl was a little ugly in the face department – very Chinese looking. She had a square head. I met her at Hero John Nicholas Street. My parents disappeared from the dream.