Funny doctors’ names. Well, medical specialists generally and allied professions.


The following all come from real surnames. Most of them are of British origin.

A doctor. Dr Doctor. This really exists!

A fertility specialist? Dr Overy.

A hand specialist? Dr Goodhand, Dr Hands.

A podiatrist? Dr Foot. Dr Corns.

A cranial specialist? Dr Head. Dr Goodhead.

A psychiatrist? Dr Looney. Dr Coward. Dr Jolly. Dr Joyce. Dr Merryweather. Dr Sun. Dr Looney. Dr Mooney.

A paediatrician? Dr Child and Dr Kidd.

A gynaecologist? Dr McGirl and Dr MacBride. Dr Minji.

An andrologist? Dr Mann, Dr Balls, Dr Dick, Dr Dicks and Dr Beard.

A cardiologist? Dr Hart.

A haemotologist? Dr Blood. Dr Vane.

A dermatologist? Dr Hyde. Dr Palin.

An osteopath? Dr Bones.

A vet? Dr Catt. Dr Kerr (cur, get it?), Dr Lamb, Dr Hare.

A primatologist? Dr Gibbon.

An orthapaedic surgeon? Dr McCracken.

A surgeon? Dr Needleman.

A gereontologist? Dr Oldfield.

A dentist? Dr Root, Dr Perle and Dr Tooth.

A sports doctor? Dr Armstrong and Dr Legg.

An ophthalmologist? Dr Seawright.

A prosthetic limb specialist? Dr Bolton. bolt-on, geddit?

A neonatologist? Dr Young.

A thanatologist? Mr De’ath and Mr Graves. Mr Toombs.

A proctologist? Dr Bottomley, Dr Ring, Dr Mooney, Dr Tush, Dr Beum and Dr Backhouse

Sexual health specialist? Dr Ryder, Dr Sexey. Dr Humphries. Dr Badcock. Dr Woodcock. Dr Cockburn. Dr Hoare. Dr Street. (as in street walker). Dr Gay, Dr Hooker. Dr Ho. Dr Dick. Dr Dick Willey

A tree surgeon? Dr Tree.

Speech therapist? Dr Saye.

Hospital chaplain? Fr Church. Fr Saint. Fr Goode. Fr Priestly. Fr Pope. Fr O’Prey.  Fr Bishop. Fr Cross. Fr Christian.

Joint specialist.? Dr Rolling. Dr Hipley.

Baldness specialist. Dr Hair. Dr Bunce.

Facio-maxilliary surgeon. Mr Chin.

Thoraxic surgeon. Mr Chester.

Intestinal specialist. Dr Guttman.

Wind problems. Dr Gassman. Dr Smellie

Otiorhinolaryngologist (ear nose and throat to you). Dr Singer. Dr Hear. Dr Horner (as in you make noise with it).

Behavioural therapist –  Mr Pratt.

Pathologist. Dr Kaka. Dr Crapper. Dr Potts. Dr Shitz. (That name really exists!)

Collagen specialist? Dr Lipman.m

Obesity specialist? Dr Heap. Dr Broad.

Anorexia. Dr Thin. Dr Slim. Dr Fleishmann.



Construction workers: Builder, Clay, Walls.

Judge: Judge

Lawyers: Laws, Lawson, McCourt.

Baker: Baker. Bakewell. Bunbury.

Farmer: Farmer. Cowen. Lambton. Field. Hayes. Hay.

Mayor: Mayer. Meyer.

Soldiers. Marshall, Sergeant. Warrior. Warre.

Police. Constable.

Dairy Farmer: Milk. Metcalf. Cowley.

Pig Farmer. Hogg.

Tailor: Taylor. Cotton.

Cloth dealer. Mercer,

Businessman. Merchant. Money.

Banker; Banks. Lemonnier. Pound. Shilling. Penney. Halfpenny. Shillingworth

Fitness coach: Armstrong.


Foreter: Forest. Forester. Wood. Woods


About Calers

Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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